May 31, 2005

Too much damn food.

I ate a whole lot of food this weekend. Too much food. I feel like bloated whale sitting here right now. Good thing this is a running day. My daughter's staph infection is pretty much cleared up, so everything's good now. She just has to keep taking her antibiotic for another couple of days and that will be that. This is her last week of school and tomorrow I'll be volunteering for their field day. It's a fun day for the kids. My husband had to go to our daughter's school last Friday for a Dad's Luau. It was like the Mother's Tea I went to a couple of weeks ago, but for the dads instead. Our daughter also made a little book for him, like the one she made for me. My two favorite entries were the ones that said: My dad is the master of computer games. I never get to play on the computer because he is always using it; and My dad is the king of the diningroom chair. When my mom puts my dinner on the table, he moves my plate to another spot and says, "That's my chair." I was busting a gut when I read those because they're absolutely true.

The girls night was fun. We went to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. While we were there, I saw a couple in a booth across from us where the guy looked about 35 and the girl looked 12. They were kissing and stuff and I tried to get our waiter to go over on a covert operation to scope out the scene and report back to us if there was, indeed, as much of an age difference as there appeared to be. However, once I started describing the pair, he knew exactly whom I was speaking of and said, "Yeah," while rolling his eyes. When I say she looked 12, I mean she looked 12. She acted like she was 12, too. You know, the way girls that age hold themselves and can't quite sit still and flop their arms around when they talk. Anyway, it was disturbing to say the least. After dinner, we went to Barnes & Noble because one of my friends is planning on building a deck and general redoing her backyard and my other friend is crazy about design, so we went to the bookstore to look at landscaping books. I'm not a big fan for looking at that sort of thing so after awhile I said I was going to go get a trashy romance novel before the store closed and both my friends seemed shocked that I would read trashy romance novels. I don't know why, though. I also got a copy of Mansfield Park because B&N has this classics series and only charge about $5.00 for a book. The funniest thing, though, is that my friends decided to start looking for books, too, and my one friend was flipping through the bargain books and she said, "Oh that sounds like a sweet story," about a book she was looking at. And I said, "Why, what's it about?" And she said, "It's about a girl who has an accident and becomes a quadrapalegic. " And I started laughing and said, "Yeah, that sounds like a really sweet story." Then she realized what she said and then tried to explain there was more to it than that.

Yesterday, my daughter had a friend over for a playdate and we managed to get the house cleaned, so it wasn't too bad a day.

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