May 27, 2005

Should they stay or go?

We have several rodents as pets: a hamster, a rabbit and two guinea pigs. Over the past couple of days my husband has been suggesting we get rid of the guinea pigs. I think, primarily, because they stink if you don't clean their cage often enough and my husband isn't up to daily upkeep. They're both female and their names are Spotty and Brumhilde. They both love my husband something fierce. Whenever he comes home, they squeak in excitement and glee. They're hay whores and they know my husband is always willing to give them what they want. But now he wants to chuck them to the cruel, harsh world. My daughter is somewhat hesitant to give them up because she loves them, although, she loves the rabbit more. So, should they stay or go? I want to know what you think. Is it thumbs up for the girls or thumbs down? If I had a digital camera, I'd put their pictures up, but I don't so I can't.

We are not Spotty and Brumhilde. We are merely underpaid stunt doubles. We repeat, we are not Spotty and Brumhilde. But from what we understand, they kind of, sort of look like us in that they are also guinea pigs as we are.

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