November 12, 2007

The return of the prodigal snake, or how some things are lost and some things are found

You remember how my daughter's first snake (technically second) snake escaped the day after her birthday and I had to go get her another one? Well, the new snake escaped Friday night. My daughter went to get Naboo out of its tank on Saturday morning to hold it, and it was gone. There gets to be a point where you have to stop and wonder after three escaped snakes, is the universe trying to tell you something. Anyway, my husband took apart the tank trying to figure out how in the hell the snake managed to escape this time and all he could find was this thin sliver of space on the lid. It's the only explanation because it was completely beyond reason to think that snake could escape. My daughter said I probably wasn't willing to get another snake at this point and I told her that was between her and her father to decide. I asked if she even wanted another snake and she said she didn't know because she didn't want to get her heart broken again. So my husband put all the tank stuff in the basement and we went to church for Saturday mass, pretty much realizing that was the last we were going to see of Naboo. So you can imagine our surprise when we got home and I found Naboo sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor next to the pen where we keep Mookie when we go out. I almost couldn't believe what I saw, so I quickly picked up the snake, which was feeling pretty cold and told my daughter that Naboo had returned. She was pretty excited and my husband had to quickly set up the tank, but it was an overall good night. My daughter then spent about 15 minutes taping off any possible escape route on the tank. We'll see if it works.

As for loss, my husband just called and it is official: all of his files from the computer are gone. We tried to do a data retrieval, but his stuff is just all gone. Eleven days worth of music is gone. It's true that everything in the world balances itself out.

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