November 08, 2007


This morning, while my daughter and I were getting ready for the day, our dog did something she hasn't done in a very long time: She pissed on the floor. To say I was absolutely gobsmacked is an understatement. I really could not believe she had pissed on the floor even though I was looking at the yellow pool of urine. What's even more confusing about it is that she did it right next to her litter box. To really understand the enormity of this mistake, you've got to understand that this dog LIVES for getting treats after she's done her business in the litter box. Seriously, she'll go to the bathroom and just hang out at the litter box until someone notices her so she can look back and forth from her pee or poop to the person until she gets a treat. Anyway, I told her she was a bad girl and she was a bit cowed, but it's all very weird. She's probably a robot aliens used to replace my real dog.

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