November 20, 2007

I'm basically going to keep putting up stuff until you guys buy something.

Yes, I'm still selling stuff to try and make enough money for a Wii for my daughter's Christmas present. Don't you guys want to help make that dream come true? Can't you just picture her precious 10-year-old face when she see a brand, spanking new Wii sitting there for her? It's the stuff of a Hallmark Channel movie. Come on, have a heart. Anyway, if the abject pleading is getting no where with you, just look at how cool this stuff is. Seriously, everyone is going to be sooooooo envious of your good fashion sense.

Just click on the CafePress link to the right or just click here. Really, how can you afford not to?


KreativeMix said...

Love em!!!

Korean Celt said...

Thanks for the love, Kreativemix. I appreciate it.