October 08, 2007

What in THE hell is the world coming to?

Yesterday, my family came out of mass to find something really interesting. And by interesting, I mean utterly reprehensible. We got to our car to find out someone had spray painted across the right passenger door. I mentioned we were in mass, right? That means someone went to a church parking lot to vandalize our car. Whether or not we were the only car, I don't know because most of the cars parked around us were gone by the time we got out there. But, I have really, really got to wonder about the mentality a work on this one. It's not cool to vandalize no matter what the situtation is, but to go and spray paint a car in a church parking lot seems really, really, really, really low. I know I should feel Christian forgiveness and all that, but screw it. Even though we'll never know who did the deed, I can say I feel no sympathy toward them. Whoever did it is a punk who will probably end up sucking valuable tax dollars from my wallet so they can sit in prison cell getting a college education or building up their body to look like the hulk while a truly deserving person somewhere works their entire life at McDonald's because they can't afford higher education but refuses to let that be an excuse for living a poor life.

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