October 21, 2007

Fancy Bartenders

While in Chicago over the weekend, my sister and I went to the TGIFriday next to our hotel one night for a couple of drinks and sister time. When the bartender came over to take our order, I said I wanted a mojito and while he was at it, he could throw stuff around like Tom Cruise for our entertainment. I was totally messing with him, but then he starts doing it. He starts juggling bottles and flipping them around and all this kind of stuff. Then he balanced bottles on his head for us. Anyway, I knew I had something super exciting on my hands when I saw all this go down. The bartender's name is Jason. He told us he's been on the Food Network for some kind of bartender competition in Las Vegas. I have no reason to not believe him, but I think you should all have the chance to experience the magic of Jason the Fancy Bartender. Enjoy.

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