October 17, 2007

Drunken hijinks at a football game

This past weekend, my sister and her husband came out from Montana to watch the BC/ND football game. They came without their children. It was a nice visit and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Of course, we tailgated before the game and both my sister and I got drunk. I can safely say I was just drunk, but my sister got really, really drunk. In the picture below, you see the two of us in the stadium. We are both drunk. However, since my sister was really, really drunk she did some stuff that she wouldn't normally do, like steal a nacho chip from nacho chip guy when he wasn't looking. I've pointed out nacho chip guy in the photo using a purplish arrow, so you should be able to find him pretty easily. Now when she pinched the nacho chip, glaring lady gave my sister the evil eye, and did so for about five minutes. I think she was just jealous that my sister had the guts to pilfer a nacho chip when she didn't because I think I saw glaring lady eyeballing nacho chip guy's nacho chips a couple of times before the incident in question took place. Now if glaring lady really had a problem with my sister stealing a nacho chip from nacho chip guy, you'd think she'd say, "Hey, this crazy broad behind you just stole one of your nacho chips." But she didn't. She just glared at my sister like she'd been personally wronged or something. I'm not defending my sister stealing the nacho chip, but glaring lady was a bitch of the highest level. OK, Blogger fixed its problem, so here's the picture. You can even tell from glaring lady's hair that she's totally an uptight bitch, can't you?

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