October 09, 2007

I'm sick.

I stayed home today because I'm sick. I usually don't stay home when I'm sick, only when my daughter is sick. But today I stayed home because I'm sick. I took DayQuil. It was good. It was very, very good. It made the world seem like a wonderful place. Which is good because I'm sick. I'm getting ready to take NyQuil, which will be good because it will make my dreamworld seem like a wonderful place. A wonderful dreamworld is great when you are sick, which is what I am. I have a crappy cold. I think it's starting to move into my chest because I'm starting to hear little rumblings if I breathe really deep and I almost want to cough, which means I almost have something to get out. Oh hey, I just had to run upstairs to deal with a minor emergency. Apparently, a turd stuck to my dog's anus as she was attempting to defecate. As it would anyone, it freaked her out, so she ran around the room smearing shit around in an attempt to dislodge the offending feces. Anyway, I had to go up to pull off as much crap from her a-hole as I could so my husband could clean the rest off of her in the sink. I then had to do the Nature's Miracle thing on the bedspread, the pillowcase, and the floor. That was all kind's of fun. Now I'm going to go do a shot of NyQuil and put this all behind me. Because I'm sick.

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