October 02, 2007

Dang, I'm tired.

Well, more like really, really sleepy. I think it's the weather, which has been going from one extreme to the other lately. I'm going to the store to get ingredients for this purifying kashi soup. It has lentils and split peas and kashi and it's good. Plus it's only 1.5 points per serving, which is super awesome. My daughter started learning how to play the trumpet a couple of days ago. This should be interesting. She's joined the band. It's actually a really cool thing because her school and another catholic elementary school partner with the ND marching band to essentially provide a band experience for the kids. Student mentors from the marching bad volunteer their time to teach the kids how to play the instruments they want to learn to play so they can perform in band. If this program didn't exist, there would be no band for the kids to participate in. Plus, the marching band members do this all for free, which is pretty admirable, if you ask me. The only the thing the parents have to pay for is the instrument, whether they buy it or rent it. What did surprise me is that there only seems to be a handful of students from my daughter's school who are doing it. How do you pass up free music lessons? I don't know. People just don't know a good deal when they see it anymore.

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