August 26, 2004

Shoot that poison arrow.

I'm just sitting here waiting for my grad student helpers to come in, so why not blog a bit. I was listening to the radio on the way to work and they were doing a little segment on how one of the local high schools is getting funds from a state homeland security council or whatever to help prepare the school for potential attacks. Now, I'm not saying people shouldn't be prepared, but I don't understand why they think terrorists will attack a high school in the middle of the Midwest. Am I not getting something? Airports, yes, I get. Federal buildings, yes, I get. NYSE, yes, I get. But a high school in Michigan, no, I don't get. But you never know, look at Red Dawn, if it weren't for those kids, all of America would have fallen under communist rule. In general, I don't think any foreign power can take over America in a land war because we're too freaking big. There is always going to be someplace to hide. I mean, think of how much of this country is still pretty wild. There's a lot, just in case you haven't paid attention. They can possibly cripple our economy and whatnot, but they cannot take control of this country. Too much land, too many people.

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