August 25, 2004

Does she or doesn't she?

I don't know if any of you have taken the opportunity to go to the Postmodern Courtesan link I've got off to the side, but if you haven't, I should explain that in addition to her daily thoughts sort of thing, she also gives pretty graphic recountings of her sessions with clients. The only reason I'm really bringing this up is because I am amazed by the amount of pleasure she seems to get from these encounters because, I am sorry, NO ONE has sex that good. I don't care who you are or what you're doing, it's just not possible. First of all, every night with a client seems to leave her with multiple orgasms, and as we all know, multiple orgasms are a bit of a fantasy. I, myself, have only experienced as many as two orgasms from any single go, and after having had many, many conversations with female friends, two is pretty much the max for anyone. Understand, those two in a row are extremely, extremely rare. As a matter of fact, getting the single orgasm can be a bit of a trick at times. So, if anyone out there claims to easily have multiple orgasms or has been with a woman who claims to be having multiple orgasms, you and they are LYING or FAKING IT.

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