August 20, 2004

Curse of the Blogger.

I had a really good interview online with my daughter yesterday. We talked about her first day of school. Then she pressed some button on the keyboard and it all disappeared into thin air. Poof. There really needs to be some sort of idiot-proofing on blogger so people don't lose their shit so easily. She crawled under the desk and huddled like a hunted rabbit muttering like Rain Main, "I didn't mean to do it. I didn't mean to do it." Fuck you, Blogger. See what you did to my baby? I'll bust you up. She's all better now, though. She tends to be pretty melodramatic, so it passed in about five seconds.

Anyway, we've got our neighborhood yard sale tomorrow, which is usually a pretty big deal for the residents. I've got to go through the basement tonight and haul all my junk up so I can sell it to some unsuspecting sucker. "Yeah, it still runs like new." My husband said I have to sell all my cassette tapes from high school and college. I told him to go take a flying leap. Those cassettes are the soundtrack of my youth. I CANNOT get rid of them. Each one is special in my heart. Especially the sex mood tapes, of which I have dozens, that set just the right mood, ahem, for studying. Yeah, studying. I still like listening to those tapes. :-)

I will, however, be hawking all my old trashy romance novels. They're my comic books. Don't need to pay any attention to read them and they tax brain power at almost a negative rate. I think I'll put them up for fifty cents each. I have to go to a department meet and greet later this afternoon to say, "whazzup homeys," to all the new students. There will be free food, so that makes it worth it. As I've mentioned before, I like free. Beginning of the new school year is always fun because there's so much excitement and anticipation in the air. It's fun to watch all the freshmen come and see the fear in their eyes. I want to stop all of them and tell them to have as much fun as possible because their four years is up before they even know it. Why can't college last forever?

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