August 16, 2004

The Conquering Hero Returns

Well, we're back from our two-week trek across America, and I am tired. But it's a good tired. We saw a lot of stuff. It was cool. I'm looking at the pile of stuff on my desk that I have to go through. That's the only part of vacation that sucks--having to catch up when you come back. My husband told me he thinks I swear too much in my blog. I told him it's my true voice on the blog and he said he didn't think that was the case. I said, "Don't you know that inside my head I'm incredibly vulgar?" He didn't answer me, but he knows I am. The audio books we listened to on the trip were Eragon and A Hat Full of Sky. They were both really good. I recommend them highly. After listening to Eragon, my daughter decided she was going to write a book. Surprisingly, it's a book about a brother and sister team who discover dragon eggs and become dragon riders.

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