August 31, 2004

It's just another, it's just another day.

Do you ever wake up wondering why does this day seem exactly like the day before and then you realize because it is exactly like the day before. I think more people would be satisfied with their lives if they could at least expect something different from day to day. You know, something outside of the normal routine, which would still happen, but there'd be something really different that could define the day. Like,

Monday: Greeted and welcomed alien life form that landed in the backyard.
Tuesday: Ran into Jude Law and he took me to lunch.
Wednesday: Received nomination for Nobel Literature Prize. (I still find it ironic that the world's most prestigious peace prize is named after the inventor of dynamite.)
Thursday: Hosted MTV Summer Beach House and bumped tooshies with Usher.
Friday: Challenged Iron Chef Morimoto to shrimp showdown and won.

See? Now that's a week I could remember. So the questions arises: How can we inject something really, really different into our everyday lives? If you've got the answer, let me know.

For instance, if anyone out there can get me a makeover session with a celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist, that would be something really different for me. Or, if anyone can get me a VIP tour of a major publishing house, that would also be something really different for me. Use your imagination. Spread those wings and fly.

By the way, if someone really can hook me up with Jude Law for lunch, feel free to make arrangements.

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