August 03, 2006

Not in the mood

I was going to talk about what the medium told me, but I'm not in the mood because I've talked about it too much over the last couple of days answering people's questions about it. I can only think about one thing for so long before I get completely bored with it, so maybe next week I'll delve into the secrets of my reading. My ghost hunting friend Lisa went to Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium over the weekend. It's in Kentucky and has gotten a lot of attention lately as a really haunted location. She said she thinks she saw a shadow person and maybe heard something, but isn't absolutely sure on that one. She took gobs of pictures, but only got orbs. There was one series of three shots, though, where it looks like the orb is moving away from her, so that was pretty cool.

My ghost hunting group went to an abandoned insane assylum the first Saturday of my vacation, and that was an interesting experience. I chickened out and only got about three rooms deep into the building before I went back out to my car. Something in me just made it impossible for me to go any further. Although, considering I was carrying a bottle of holy water and wearing a scapular around my neck, you'd think I would have been braver. This is what I find interesting, a couple of members of the group are cradle Catholics who are now Wiccan. Once I pulled out my holy water, they were in line with everyone else getting some so they could bless themselves before going into the building. I think this just goes to show that when it comes to battling spirits, Catholics are pretty much the champions.

Here are some pictures I took. I have to say the place was pretty damn spooky.

OK, I just tried uploading the pictures and there's something wrong with Blogger, so you all are just going to have to wait.

OK, picture uploading is working again, so here they are.

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