August 25, 2006

Cold Medicine

Man, what is it about cold medicine? Damn, I am literally sitting here with my eyeballs rolling into the back of my head. I don't know how I'm even managing to type this right now. The funny thing is I'm actually typing better than I normally do even though I'm really, really wigging on the Dayquil. Do you think employers really prefer to have their people at work like this as opposed to them just staying home and resting? I really wonder about that because they all SAY they prefer it, but you know you always end up on the shit list if you call in sick. I don't personally, but I still don't call in sick unless I am really dead to the world. Mainly because even though I'm sick, that doesn't stop my daughter from having to be where she needs to be and if I have to get up and get her to school and stuff, there's not logical reason for me to stay home because I've already defeated the purpose by getting in the shower. My husband asked me this morning how I was feeling and I said crap and he said, but you fight colds better than I do and I said no, I just deal with it better and then he said he doesn't like it when I try to deny how he feels when he's sick and I said I don't deny how you feel when you're sick. And then he said, "Having you been running a fever?" And I said that I've felt warm but I just take medicine and get through the day and then he said he was taking medicine, too. Anyway, I don't know the point of telling you all of that other than to confirm what most women already suspect, which is that men tend to revert to a childlike state when sick. Conversely, I'm sure men resent the fact that we women don't have much patience with them when they are sick. Obviously, the world will now end.

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