August 28, 2006

My life is boring.

I've realized that while my days are jam-packed with things to do and accomplish, my life is boring. Take this past weekend, for instance. I was constantly on the go, but none of it was exciting or interesting. I had to take my daughter around to various parties and social events, shop for my parish picnic, set up and then work the parish picnic. I had something to do every second, but I can't point to any moment as being note-worthy. How mundane and average can a person get? Really. Oh, there is one thing that worth noting: We put our dog in the kennel Friday night because I wanted to get her groomed and then we figured we'd leave her there overnight because we had running around to do, and then we'd pick her up on Saturday. Anyway, I didn't bother to ask what time they close Saturday, just assuming we'd have plenty of time. We didn't have plenty of time and found out about an hour too late that they closed at 1:00. Anway, the dog is still trapped in the kennel and I won't be able to get her until after I pick up my daughter from school today. I felt pretty bad about that. I'm sure the kennel people are thinking we abandoned our dog.

Mookie calls us scum for abandoning her at the kennel. Either that or she's just mad at us for dressing her up in this ugly Hawaiian shirt. Hard call.

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