June 26, 2007

Practice makes perfect

So we met last night to practice songs for the gala on Friday night and we pretty much decided not to make things too complicated for ourselves. We agreed that Ed and I would sing our song from Zombies and then one extra each from other shows. I'm going to learn Big Spender from Sweet Charity and Ed is going to learn Mr. Cellophane from Chicago. He sounded really, really good singing it last night. We practiced in the Masonic Temple, which is where the gala is being held and after we finished, I wanted to explore and find what kind of secret torture devices they had hanging around, but Ed wouldn't let me because he's principled and all that. So that was a drag. I know there's some kind of freaky shit in there.

I have completely lost track of time without my daughter being here. She's currently visiting my parents in DC and I really can't keep the day straight. It just goes to show you what an endless monotony my life would be without her in it. Well, it goes to show me, anyhow. I spoke to my daughter on the phone last night because they had all gone to Virginia Beach for the weekend and I wanted to find out how it went. They had loads of fun and she told me they are going to Hershey Park this weekend. She told me her chocolate senses are already tingling.

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