June 30, 2007

If I've heard of him, why haven't they?

I just finished watching America's Got Talent with my husband and I'm really confused about somethihng. One of the acts was a man named Thoth, like the Egyptian god, who is performance artist who plays violin, dances, and sings in New York. As soon as I saw him, I asked my husband, "Isn't that the guy who plays the violin and stuff outside of subway stations and stuff?" He didn't know what I was talking about (which isn't really unusual), but I knew I'd seen something about Thoth before. And then I remembered that there was documentary or something made about him once. What confuses me, is that the judges didn't seem to recogonize him as anything more than one of the other anonymous acts that tried their shot at making it to Las Vegas. They voted him off, but made comments that suggested they didn't know him from Adam. Anyway, I was pretty sure this guy had made a blip on the radar at one time, so I jumped on the computer and did a Google search, and, sure enough, I found information on the documentary, which is appropriately titled, "Thoth." And then I read that it had won the Oscar for best documentary, short subject, and that's when it all came back because I remember watching the Oscars when it won the award, and Thoth was there and the filmmakers had him come up on stage with them. So, if I can remember all of that from five years ago, why didn't the judges recognize him? I'm not necessarily saying he should have been pushed to the next round, but you'd think they remember the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary. I remembered and I'm just a regular person.

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