June 18, 2007

mental health day

I'm taking a mental health day. I'm just wiped out and need a break. The kid is off with the rents for a couple of weeks, which is nice, but it gets awfully quiet when she's not around. I usually make it about a week and a half before I really start missing her. The show opened this weekend and it got a good review; although, I got a sucky review. You'd think five minutes on stage would go more unnoticed. But what are you going to do? People are entitled to their opinions and in this case, it was just my misfortune that one of the nay-sayers got to write an article about it. But that's life. Or perhaps I should say, c'est la vie. Anyway, I went and watched Knocked Up over the weekend with a friend and that movie was hilarious. I mean, HILARIOUS. For those of you who don't know, it was written and directed by the same guy who did 40-year-old Virgin, and I thought it was just as funny as that film. I love, though, how we can now have sort of "normal schlubs" as heroes movies, but the girl in question still has to be thin and beautiful. I want a movie about a normal looking, normal sized woman who gets Brad Pitt or someone like that. So someone go out and make that movie for me, will ya? P.S. I think Paul Rudd is just marvelous. Not specifically in Knocked Up, but in general.

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