March 28, 2007

Another IM conversation with my brother, or People are Gross

Me My Brother



two gross bathroom things


I'm in the bathroom and some guy is taking a dump
and I hear him unwrap something and start eating
while he's crapping!


and he's not even trying to hide it!
he's like going umm umm umm umm while chewing

ha, ha
could you tell what he was eating

honestly I would guess a sandwich or something like that

so what's the second thing

so. . .I just went in the bathroom to go pee
and the cleaning lady opens the door and says hello!

while your in the bathroom?

I say yeah someone is in here

like it's not big thing

but she still comes in anyways!

ha, ha

was she embarrassed that you were in there

so I hurry up and ask why did you even ask if anyone was in here

she doesn't say a thing
and I walked out
thats the third time that has happened

that she's walked in on you

a cleaning lady yeah
so I'm calling the management company to complain
I've had enough

yeah, what if it were a man walking into the lady's room, people wouldn't put up with that
Although I wouldn't call that second thing gross as much as I would call in stupid


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