March 27, 2007

My husband thinks I'm an unwarranted bitch.

My feelings are a little hurt because my husband thinks I'm a bitch when it's not necessarily warranted. I take my bitching duties very seriously and wouldn't be a bitch to someone who didn't deserve it. Anyway, I was telling him how a couple of people associated with the play were pissing me off and so I responded in kind. He told he thinks I relish the bitch role too much sometimes and maybe I'm the one at fault. OK, I have no problem fixing a problem if I'm the source, and if people told me to fix a problem in an appropriately respectful way, there's no problem. But when people try to be snotty about it and lord some kind of imaginary authority over me, that's when I flip the bitch switch. I guess I'm hurt that after 12 years of marriage, he actually thought it was anything but that.

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