March 21, 2007


I just ate too many Cadbury mini easter eggs. The milk chocolate eggs with a crunchy candy coating. They're so good and now my stomach hurts. That wasn't good decision making on my part. So, we've started learning the dances for the musical and I was getting a little pissed with one of the choreographers last night because he kept making us do this thing over and over without a break and telling us to always be aware of formation. I was like, man, you just taught us this stupid thing. Why don't you let actually learn it before we start worrying about formation? It would be nice if we actually got what we were doing down before we start fine tuning, which only makes sense to me, but I'm not a choreographer, so what do I know? I'm enjoying myself, but I find it frustrating to be criticized by choreographers and musicals directors who don't even have the shit completely together for themselves.

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