July 19, 2006

What the...?

I don't really know what this entire thing is about, but I've just stumbled on this story. It's probably old news, but I find it really compelling in terms of the freedom of speech issue and personal responsibility. The upshot is that this woman named Deborah Frisch posted comments on a conservative blog run by a man named Jeff Goldstein. I don't know anything about what led her to post the comments, but she apparently left comments that were threatening and insulting to Goldstein's toddler son and wife. As a result, Frisch resigned her post as an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona. Here are links to sites that delve into the story a little more:

On campus, beware the blog (Yahoo)

The Great Blogosphere Brawl (Fox News)

Protein Wisdom
(Jeff Goldstein's blog)

South(west)paw (Deborah Frisch's blog)

Arizona Lecturer Quits After JonBenet Comments (Denver ABC News)

Crossing a Line (Inside Higher Ed)

I only know what I've been reading at these different links, but freedom of speech does come with an obligation to use it responsibly...just like drinking beer. Don't abuse it people. Oh, and another rule of thumb, don't threaten people's children. It pisses them off.

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