July 17, 2006

My dog is weird.

As you may or may not know, we've been litter box training our dog with various levels of success. Sometimes it seems like she's got it, and then other times it doesn't. We thought for sure she had the peeing part of it down, and then she'd go off and pee somewhere she shouldn't. The pooping has always been hit or miss, that is, until lately. And now I think our dog has gotten the idea that pooping and peeing in the box is a trick that she does. We've been encouraging her with treats everytime she goes in the box and now that dog will not leave the kitchen until someone comes and gives her a treat after she does her business. She'll actually bark to call someone in to see what she's done. Believe me, I prefer that to her going somewhere else in the house, but it's pretty amusing. She also forces out droplets of pee to get a treat. It's pretty funny in a really pathetic sort of way. And it all makes me wonder, who is really being trained here.

And here's a picture of my daughter and one of her cousins doing what all proper Korean children learn to do one day, clean lettuce.

Hard to believe the same blood runs through their veins, isn't it?

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