July 12, 2006

Is that you. . .cough cough I can't see. . . I'm soo cold sooo col. . . d. . . .

Ok so my dear sister needs a bit of a lightning bolt to spice things up in her blog as of late. She has had little to inspire her to blogging greatness. (enter stage right) So I Juan Carlos De La Vega am here! (if you didn't know thats the mild mannered identity of Zorro) I'm a bit punch drunk today because I was up till 2 am in the morning working last night and been working since 7 am this morning. I have a lot of caffeine in me so I have all sorts of crazy stuff floating in my ADD enhanced brain! The first thing that comes to my mind is That Star J0nes is Ugly. I think she is disgusting. I want to learn kung fu just in the chance that I ever meet her I can bust a double round house hiya on her for offending my eyes! Second what do you think if we made special military subs that could drill under countries like china and North Korea and plant nuclear bombs so we wouldn't have to worry about missles or any of that crap. we'd just press a button and just blow the ass out of any countries that got in our way. . .that would be wicked. I'm hungry I want a chocolate croisant. well thats all I have for now I have to go walk my awesome puppy. Well, actually I have some time so I'll continue to write stuff here. My new company is awesome. They stock the fridge with free diet dr. pepper and Coke Zero my two favorite sodas. In addition we get free bagels on Fridays. screw the stock options and all the other stuff they gave me! This is the real reason I came to work here! That and huge collection of audio books the company lets us check out for free. My wife's best friend "other then me!" is coming into town tomorrow evening and they are going to run around and have "girl" time this weekend. Some might think this reason for me to feel left out that its a girls club thing. In actuality I really like this scenerio. Because this will free me up to be a drunken idiot with my friends. Now that is a good idea! Do any of you take hygene vacations? where you don't shower all weekend? just because you can? I like to do that on occasion. My wife doesn't appreciate it much but I think it can be fun.
ok my wrist hurts so I'm quiting now.

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