May 05, 2004

The play's the thing.

So my daughter has her kindergarten play tomorrow night and she's nervous, she tells me. Being a person who LOVES the spotlight, I'm finding I have no useful advice to give her. I tell her to channel her nervous engery into making her performance really *sparkle*. She says, "I don't know what you're talking about, Mom. I'm only six." I'm still not understanding how a child of mine is afraid of the stage. Oh well. She's dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. I just finished her costume last night and she looks good in it. We doctored up one of her stuffed rabbits to be the white rabbit. My daughter is obsessing over the fact that the pocket watch we made isn't hanging exactly the right way off his vest. She wants me to pin it so that the ribbon we're using as the chain will drape across at the proper angle. And I thought I was anal.

They just opened a Cold Stone Creamery in town and I cannot wait to go. I told my husband that's where he needs to take me for Mother's Day. I love Cold Stone Creamery. It's good. Mmmmm, ice cream.

The semester is almost up here, so we'll be on summer schedule pretty soon, which means I'll be working all by my lonesome for the most part. It's not so bad because I can get a lot of work done. But it really sucks when there is no work and I'm just sitting there picking my nose.

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