May 06, 2004

I'm on a Mexican radio.

K, the show is tonight and my daughter told me last night she doesn't want to do it. Sigh. Poor kid. Life sure is hard. I told my husband to pick up a couple of roses for her on the way home so we can give them to her when the show is over. Make her feel like a real prima donna. That'll get her hooked. :-)

I've been thinking a lot lately about being thirtysomething and why it almost seems as confusing as being twentysomething. I've always assumed by the time I reached my 30s, I'd have figured out a few things about life. What I have discovered is that the more the know, the less you feel like you understand any of it. You think being an adult will teach you how to come to terms with mistakes you've made or lingering regrets, and it does somewhat, but there's still a little something always niggling away at the inside of your brain. Something that says you're not there yet and this cannot possibly be the life you're supposed to have.

I look at my parents in a completely different way now. I love them and all, but there's nothing mystical about them anymore. The way you always think of your parents as being all-knowing, it's not that way anymore. It makes me a little bit sad because there's a certain sense of security in thinking there is someone out there who can make everything OK for you.

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