April 29, 2004

80's Music Rules!!!

This post has nothing to do with the title, but you've got to put something down. I've been looking at some of the other blogs on Blogger and I wonder why so many of them are devoted to complaining. I'm a world-class complainer, mind you, but doesn't it just get boring after awhile writing so much about how your life sucks?

Anonymous Sample post #1: AHH!!! how?!?! everyone of you has finished her 2.4 km run!!! mine is tml!!! wat if i fail?!?! i'll die!!! oh, i won't cos if so i dunno die how many times becos of the 5 items loh... heihei... but i still scared scared. i dun wanna deprove from last year's timing... but most probably i will... sigh~ gotta resign to my fate.

Anonymous Sample post #2: I am so sensitive I am like a sponge. I absorb those around me. I absorb other's unhappiness, other's anger, other's pain. And once absorbed I carry it with me. Like I am the keeper of other's shadows.

Anonymous Sample post #3: people should learn to come early. or don't bother coming at all. they should be shot.
i feel like crap.
something is hindering me. i think i'm scared of something. but i don't want to admit what it is. it pains me. it's eating my life away. bit by bit. little by little. nibbling till i'm totally gone.
...i think it's nothingness. or the fear of it. it's starting to suck (like a fucking baby) the life out of me. i need to stick a pacifier in its teething mouth.
and how are we supposed to study econs when its full of fuck anyway?! if the bloody concepts are based on assumptions, then aren't we studying fantasy? i mean, the world is not made up of assumptions yea? if it was, it would be a happier(or fuckier) place. see, assumptions. how now, do you take me seriously? hahahaha. everything is a big fat joke.

See what I mean? In fact, if you think about it, this post is really just an addition to the wide world of complaints, because I'm basically complaining myself. But all that aside, I'm curious about what compells so many people to spill their disappointment out there for the rest of the world to see. Are they hoping that they'll get some sort of assurance that someone else's life is really much worse? Of course someone else's life is worse, that goes without saying.

I especially like the teenage angst blogs I've seen. You really do forget how crappy being a teenager is when you finally get past it. I worry a little bit about when my daughter finally gets there. I hope she'll trust me enough to come to me if she feels like she's really losing her mind. I find myself thinking about the past a lot. Just wondering if I would have done anything differently than I have. I can't really pinpoint one specific thing, but I definitely think I would have tried to be more involved with clubs and what-not in college. I really only did the little sister thing in college. I didn't take good advantage of the opportunities that are available in college. Oh yeah, and did I meantion, 80's music rules!!!

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