April 12, 2006

So My Big Sister is Turning 37 today

Ah how the years tick on by! I can remember the old days In Germany when Kathy would wear her red and white roller diva jacket and her cool dude nike shoes (with her socks pulled up). I can remember her beating on me as a child. Kathy Driving around with Lee Armisted in her yellow punch bug. Kathy and Angie doing the predicessor of Karaoke in their rooms (This is the two of them singing to a tape recorder using the tops of posts from their four post bed as microphones.) Her eyes all misty over Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. . . He wished he had jesse's girl) She used to have the coolest pair of glasses in the world. Imagine the super trendy uber huge chanel sunglesses that are the rage these days but make the frames a light almost transparent purplish pink and no tint to the lenses. ah good visual right? I can also remember my sister trying to feed me aspirin and water when I drank myself into a stupor the night before we were supposed to leave for a trip to Florida. Ah such Good times. Just remember 30's are the new 20's! Happy Birfday Kathy! have a good one singing Karaoke and cleaning up poop!

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Kathleen said...

Thanks, Mike. The good times do pass so quickly.