April 26, 2006

The days just go a whizzing by.

Wow, another day where I forgot to post. I know you were all devastated. I forgot to tell you in my Monday post that my daugther won two first place trophies at her taekwondo tournament over the weekend. She won sparring and forms. She was pretty stoked. My husband won a second, third and first place for his events. The first place was for an event where he was the only participant, but good job. No, seriously, I'm pretty proud of the both of them.

Last night I went to a reading of an MFA alum who has just come out with a book. My main reason for going was because I wanted to ask him about the child bride he took while in Africa. He denies he ever got married, but I know the truth. I guess in some ways he is right because he probably never considered paying the girl's father two goats and a sack of rice a marriage. I guess it's understandable. Anyway, he acted like it was complete farce. Jackass. I hate liars.

Mookie's potty training is coming along, but she is so an anger pooper. I'm really at a loss on that one. Which reminds me, did you know that girl dogs hump? I didn't. I thought only boy dogs humped things, but yesterday I'm watching Mookie play with this stuffed blue sheep that we got for her and she gets up on this thing and start humping it like a pro. I was actually shocked, which is not a frequent occurrence for me. It was pretty funny because her back legs could barely touch the ground while she was getting her groove on and, really, she was more bouncing up and down on the sheep. I wish I had a video to share.

I am in desperate need of a dye job. I think I haven't colored my hair since August and it's all drab and lifeless looking. But who's got the time? Not me. Maybe this weekend I can work it in. I also think, maybe, I need to up the dosage on my meds because I am just not coping. Thank God for pharmaceuticals. What would we do without mood-altering medications? It's not a world I want to imagine.

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