April 17, 2006


Why does housetraining a puppy have to be so exasperating? Seriously, why? Although, I have to admit Mookie the monster is getting better. I just don't understand what makes a dog go poop where she's supposed to poop one second and then go poop where she's not supposed to poop two seconds later. It doesn't make sense. We had a pretty good Easter. We had friends over Saturday to decorate easter eggs. It's offical, my daughter is the most uptight kid in America. While the eggs were drying, my friend's two-year-old son accidently stepped on a couple of the eggs (we had them on the floor), and my daugther had an emotional breakdown because, of course, the broken eggs were two that she had colored. That kid cannot let anything just go with the flow. It worries me because I was that way as a kid and it's a hard path to walk. I don't want her to suffer from stickuptheassitis. I really don't.

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