April 10, 2006

So much catching up to do...

First, here are a couple of picturs of Mookie the Monster. She's been an OK little dog, but it's like having another baby. Don't let anyone convince you housetraining a dog is easy.

Hmmm, it would seem Blogger is having some kind of image upload problem, so I'll have to try the pictures later. Anyway, Mookie has been OK. She's definitely a dog who likes company. She whines and cries if no one is in the room with her, which is really heartwrenching to listen to, but I'm not letting that dog have free roaming rights until she's fully potty trained. But she does sound pitiful. We're in the process of litter box training her so she can go when we're at work and school, and she seems to have the pee part down pretty well. The poop, however, is a different story. It's pretty hit or miss right now, mostly miss. The whole pooping thing wouldn't be so frustrating if she just did her business and left it alone, but she's got to smear it around and step in it and every other thing under the sun. We've got her confined to an exercise pen when we're away, so she can't mess up too large an area. But it's still pretty gross no matter what. Let's try the picture thing again.

K, looks like it's still not working. Obviously going to have to wait a bit on that one.

OK, Blogger is finally taking photo uploads, so here's Mookie.

In other news, my husband got me the kickingest ass karaoke machine of all time for my birthday while we were in DC. It's a Korean karaoke DVD player thing that comes with a DVD full of about 14,000 songs. The problem is 12,000 of that 14,000 are in korean, so I really only have about 2000, but I guess beggers can't be choosers, as they say. Anway, I'll have plenty of karaoke tunes for many a Friday to come. Rock on.

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