June 25, 2004

Just another day.

The Cure is playing on the streaming radio station I like to listen to. Cool beans. Looks like it's going to be good weather this weekend, which bodes extremely well for my barbeque. Maybe the child is coming home tonight, maybe not. Hopefully, she'll be home tonight. But you never quite know with my mother. Apparently they were all in Ocean City for the past couple of days. Wish I could've been there. I wish I could interview someone. If you know someone interesting, let me know about them. It would seem I've exhausted my supply of interesting people. I've sent out a couple of stories in the past week. We'll see how this round goes. I'm sleepy and my neck hurts. If I ever get really rich, I'm going to hire a personal chiropractor to crack my neck for me whenever I desire it.

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