June 24, 2004

Ho hum.

I really don't want to be here right now. I'd rather be home so I can clean the place up for the barbeque this weekend. Instead, I'm forced to sit here and look at a computer screen doing nothing useful. I used to wonder when I still worked for the government how people could stand to be so unessential. The little known secret outside the government is that once you've worked there for three years, it's basically impossible to get rid of you no matter how useless you are. You can only get fired if you fuck up royally--meaning you fuck up in a way that can't be hidden from people on the outside.

When I worked at NIH, the only person I knew of being fired was this completely gross grant analyst who made passes at female PI's when he went on site visits. Needless to say, you can't cover up numerous complaints from highly educated women accussing a government hack of sexual harrassment. Now, if he'd limited his perverted attempts to inhouse women, nothing would have happened to him. So really, he was fired more for being too stupid to follow the unwritten rules of government employment rather than for legitimately deserving to be canned.

The federal government really is an interesting world. The only people who make it a lifetime endeavor are those who don't want to do anything for a living. Anyone who really wants too accomplish something good and decent leaves in frustration because no one's interested in that. They like sitting there getting their paycheck for nothing. The populace should rise against the system and revolt and demand real outcomes for their tax dollars. Of course, for that to happen, the populace has to have some clue as to what the hell actually goes on. So, needless to say, nothing will ever change. Why does the average citizen care so little about what goes on? People complain about the way modern politicians are all spin and nothing else. Do people really think they'd spend so much time selling the superficial if it didn't work? The blame rest squarely on your shoulders, Joe Schmoe. Why don't you take the effort to vote? Why don't you take a little bit of time to read a newspaper and find out what really goes on in the world? Why don't you try to look at the bigger picture? Americans are so lazy. and I'm tired of watching talking heads who avoid real questions. What's wrong with answering a question honestly? Is anyone stupid enough to think every answer out of a politician's mouth is going to be something they actually want to hear or will agree with? Can that be said of anybody on the planet? No. People need to not take stupid shit so seriously.

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