June 09, 2004

Home Alone

Well, I'm home alone for the first time in ten years. How lovely it is to be me right now. My husband and daughter are off visiting my parents for a week. I couldn't go because I don't have enough vacation. But being alone and not having to do anything for anyone is a really nice break all by itself. Nights are creepy, though. It's too quiet at night, but everything else is OK. I'm hoping to clean a lot of junk out of the house while they're gone. My daughter doesn't play with about half the stuff she has, but god forbid you try to get rid of any of it while she's around:
"Moooom, I still like that."

"You never play with it."

"But I still like it. I'm going to play with it right now."

Anywho, when the cat's away, the mouse will throw all the shit out.

I've just linked to my friend Lynn's blog. I encouraged her to start a blog to vent some of her frustration over not finding a job. Any of you peeps out there reading this, go take a look and see if you can hook her up. She deserves to have a job that will let her realize her full potential.

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