February 28, 2010

Daddy don't like it.

I got a call yesterday from my father and the first thing he said when I got on the phone was, "Can we talk about KC & Sunshine Boy?" I laughed and told him we could but that I was going to keep doing it. He said he figured that would be the case, but he had to say what he had to say. I knew my dad wouldn't like the content of the videos I'd put up, but I also know that the show is going to be more than the little snippets we've been putting up. I know it's probably easy for people to assume from watching the previews that the show is just going to be all about sex, but it's not. It really is meant to be a humorous talk show with some filmed sketch comedy segments thrown in to augment the episode's theme. Our first show's theme is "Helpful Sex Tips When You First Start Staying Over."

My dad basically asked me to stop doing sex stuff, and I can understand his discomfort. He's worried that people connected to my daughter will get a wind of it and harass her in some way. The truth is, that's the main reason why I try not to connect my name with show. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about what I'm doing in the least, and if I didn't have to worry about my daughter, I'd be pretty open with claiming it. I'm really not the sort of person who tries to hide who I am, but my daughter has no control over what I do, so she shouldn't be put at risk of being criticized for my decisions.

My father and I didn't get into an argument or anything, and I completely understand his need to tell me he wished I would go about doing the show in a different way, but I think what my friend and I are doing is hysterical and funny and I'll keep doing it until I think otherwise. KC really is just a character to me, in the same way as any character I portray on stage. She's just a character that I put on the internet. I guess it would be nice if people could understand more easily that she might possess elements of me, but she's not me.

As it turns out, my friend had a similar conversation with his mother. I'm taking it to mean we must be doing something right.

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@sean_kinney said...

Well as a fan - I'm disappointed...but I also understand the parent's perspective. I've had the same conversations with my family about my writing. They raise some ligit concerns. However, I've sold out my soul to keep them happy for my whole life and now they would deny me something that makes me happy. Fuck 'em. "For non-conformity," wrote Emerson, "the world whips you with it's displeasure." It's a shame b/c conformity destroys original thought and ideas. Your idea is original so bring on the whips baby!