December 02, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

I'm sitting here typing this because I'm bored right now and I couldn't think of anything else to do. I was watching Pirate Radio until I turned off my browser to switch to a different one without thinking I'd shut off the movie. I didn't feel compelled to get back to it, so that should tell you how engaged I was with that particular film. At any rate, we're talking about Christmas, aren't we? It's funny to me how quickly Christmas comes up now that I'm an adult. I just remember thinking it used to seem like FOREVER getting to Christmas. There just never seems to be enough time to do all the stuff I'd like to do. Eh, scratch that, to do the all the stuff I'm supposed to do. I've honestly lost any desire to decorate for the holidays or bake my ass off or run around shopping every second of the day. Most of it seems fairly meaningless to me. Even now, I'm only waiting to see if my daughter mentions putting up the Christmas tree before I actually do it. We'll be going to my parents' house this year, so I feel like there's not much point in doing it. Am I turning into a Scrooge? I hope not. I do consider Christmas my favorite holiday, but I'm more interested in spending time with my family than busting a nut trying to do it Martha Stewart style.

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