December 19, 2009

I. Can't. Quit. You.

I can't decide if my addiction to Twitter is starting to get out of hand or not. I spend a lot of time thinking about tweeting. I added texting to my cell service specifically because I wanted to be able to tweet from anywhere. Because, brah, you NEVER know when something hysterical is going to happen, and God forbid you can't tweet about it when it does. I'd lived without texting for, well, forever until I started tweeting. I'll admit I actually do just text people now, too, but I was happy without it before. But the other funny thing about Twitter is that I'm starting to feel pressure to try and be funny with everything I say. What started out as something fun has now become a small source of stress in my life. That's crazy, right? Now when I'm on Twitter, I almost feel like I'm onstage. Most of the time, I really do just tweet what enters my mind at that particular moment. But I definitely find myself looking at situations in life for their tweeting potential. Is this something good enough to tweet? Or, how can I tweak this so it's good enough to tweet about? It's CRAZINESS, I tell you. But even as I type all this, I have absolutely no plans to quit Twitter anytime soon. I need it, man. I really, really do.

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