September 28, 2006

Still late.

OK, I have seriously got to get a handle on this tardiness thing with getting my daughter to school. I'm just angry about it now. I mean, there's no logical reason why I cannot get us out of the house in time to get her to school before the bell rings. I am, to quote Whitney Houston, every woman. If you haven't already guessed, I got her to school late again today. It's really about the time management. Starting tomorrow, no more snooze buttons. Starting tomorrow, I am waking up that child at 6:00, even if it means I have to dump a bucket of ice water on her head. Starting tomorrow, I am not putting up with anymore dilly dallying from my daughter; she gets up, she eats, she brushes her teeth, she gets dressed, and then we get the hell out of Dodge. This lateness thing has been a chronic problem since she started kindergarten and I've basically reached the end of my rope. I've just got to be disciplined about this entire thing and get my ass in gear. Starting tomorrow, baby, it's a whole new ball game.

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