September 05, 2006

Good night, sweet Crocodile Hunter.

I am shocked that the Crocodile Hunter is dead. I couldn't believe it when my husband came downstairs yesterday morning and told me the news. I feel especially bad for his family. And the reason I even care is because Steve Irwin is one of my daughter's heroes. She loves him and has talked a lot about how she wants to go work at Australia Zoo one day and meet him. She's already decided she wants to work with animals when she grows up and she really loves them. So, we knew she was going to be really upset when we told her, and she was. She went to her Zoo Tycoon game so she could design a zoo for him. It seems so strange that he should die in such a freakish way. All reports seem to indicate the particular blow he took from the stingray is a one in a million kind of thing. Anyway, I'm sad he's dead and I think it stinks.

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