September 25, 2006

Missing you.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been posting too much lately. Part of it is because I'm busy and the other part is that the effort of going over what's been happening in my life lately is just more than I can deal with right now. Not because it's anything bad, but just because it takes time and I'm kind of short on that commodity lately. So a quick recap of my life over the past couple of weeks:

* We were in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago for my friend's wedding. She's one of my best friends from college. Anyway, she got married, I was a bride's maid and the scenery was beautiful.

* I went to the Notre Dame/ Michigan State football game last Saturday. It rained an awful lot and we left the stadium right before ND came back and won the game. I don't regret leaving early because being wet wasn't exactly pleasant. We didn't get back into town until 4:00 a.m.

* We're planning on putting our dog into doggy daycare because she really does need some doggy friends. She's like the unpopular girl at school right now and we've got to fix that.

* Third grade is harsh, man. Getting through all my daughter's homework and adjusting to the massive increase in work has been a little difficult.

* I'm apparently now an Arbonne consultant. I bought a membership so I could order my products online without a consultant and that apparently made me a consultant. I guess it's cool.

* I bought my daughter some generic Heelies or Wheelies or whatever the hell the name of those shoes with wheels in the heel are called. She still hasn't gone out to try and learn how to use them. No surprises there.

* My husband started taking guitar lessons at the beginning of the month and told me last night he's not going to do it anymore because he doesn't have time. I told him he has to finish out the month because we've already paid.

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