December 08, 2005

The present that wasn't.

When I got home yesterday, I found two boxes sitting on my porch. One box was stuff we ordered from Playmobil for our daugther's Christmas present and the other box was a deluxe BBQ crockpot. When I first saw the crockpot I thought that maybe it was my husband's Christmas present from the credit union where he works. But when I looked at it, I saw that it was addressed to me, which was surprising because I hadn't ordered a crockpot. So, of course, I assumed someoene else had ordered a crockpot for me because so many people love me I am frequently surprised with gifts of crockpots and other useful appliances. Anyway, when I opened the box the shipping slip said that the crockpot was supposed to be sent to some guy in Tennessee. I was immediately deflated to learn the crockpot was not a present for me. Nobody at all had tried to send me a crockpot. How this crockpot came to me is a mystery. I callled Bed, Bath & Beyond (which is from where the crockpot was sent) and told them I got a crockpot not meant for me. The B,B&B people couldn't figure out how I received the crockpot either. Anyway, long story short, I asked them if I was supposed to receive some other gift from someone else and if that was the reason why the crockpot was mislabeled. The B,B&B lady said that there wasn't another order that was supposed to be sent to me in the computer system. So I was doubly deflated to learn that there was no present at all coming my way. Nobody was trying to send me a crockpot. Nobody. It's a nice crockpot, too. It looks like you can do pit pork or pit beef or pit chicken in it. That would be a nice crockpot to have. So, I slapped the return label on the crockpot, and B,B&B is sending UPS to my house to pick up the box. Oh well, it was nice for awhile to think someone out there was trying to surprise me with the crockpot of my dreams.

Here is the crockpot not meant for me.

Just look at those succulent ribs. Those could've been mine.

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