December 05, 2005

It's Monday. Blech! I'm taking the easy way out today.

It's Monday and I wish it wasn't because I want to sleep. I'm getting another cold sore, which is probably why I am so tired. Luckily, my sexy American girlfriend took some pictures this past weekend when she came over to babysit my daughter, and that gives me something to post today. My husband and I actually went out twice this weekend, which is really quite amazing. Anyway, since I rarely wear make-up, I figured I'd put up a picture to celebrate the rare occassion of my gussing up.

This is a picture of my husband and me right before we went to a charity dinner Saturday night. It was an auction to support an organization called Hannah's House which houses expectant and new mothers and their children until they can get on their feet. It was okay. The best part for me was when my husband's boss bought all the ladies at our table a grab bag and I ended up with the best prize--the complete fifth season of Good Times on DVD. Everyone was jealous of me.

Ths is a picture of my daughter with her chinchilla. The chinchilla's name is Fuzzy.

Oh, we bought one of those blow-up Christmas lawn decoration things this weekend. It's a penguin sitting on top of an igloo. My daughter thought it was cute. She spent a lot of time last night commenting on how we are the only family on our block to have one. It's the small things that make her feel special.

Here's our penguin.

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