December 13, 2005


My daughter, who started taking taekwondo a few weeks ago, earned her orange belt last night. Although, it should probably be "earned" her orange belt last night. Apparently, you get the orange belt for learning how to take karate class and that's about it. The instructor helped her through most of her moves, but she didn't seem to mind. She was pretty psyched about everything last night, so we took her to Bob Evans afterward to celebrate. From here on out, though, earning new belts is more dependent upon actually learning moves and improving behavior and staying focused. I'm kind of interested in taking the taekwondo classes, myself. I've always wanted to take martial arts, but never got around to it. Since the kid's in class, it seems like a good time. I'm going to wait until spring, though, after we pay our tax bill. We had to pay $500 for our daughter's classes, so I'll have to wait a bit before I drop another five C-notes for myself. She started learning jump kicks last night and my husband said he wanted to give it a try. That made me laugh because the last time he tried something that youthful, he broke his ass. Literally.

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