March 08, 2010

Time to catch one breath.

We're on a two-day break from the show until we start up this week's run on Wednesday. Once we start back up, we only get one day off until the show ends on March 21. It's all good, though. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't absolutely love it. The show is going OK so far. We had some sound problems the first couple of days, but I think they were able to level out the mics on Sunday, so it will hopefully be smooth sailing from here on out. As it is, I've already got another webshow idea percolating in the old noggin. I'm hoping to get at least one episode off with the people I'd like to do it with. If we can manage that much, it's a good thing. I don't want to talk about it too much, though, because I'd like to get things more concrete before I get too carried away with it. At any rate, I'm going  to just keep my fingers crossed that we don't run into any "complications" this time around. Here's a picture of me and my friend from the show. We're renaming it The Little Shop of Whores.

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