January 28, 2010

iPad, iSchmad

So everybody is talking about this iPad thing, which is good for Apple I suppose. But I'm still not entirely sure what the big deal is. I looked online a little to try and figure out what's so awesome, but it just kind of strikes me as being a larger iPhone or iPod Touch. Personally, I didn't understand why everyone got so excited about the iPhone, either. I've only recently started wanting an iPod Touch, and that's only because I found out you can hook up to the internet with it. I didn't know that before because I don't keep up on these kind of things. I don't even want it for music stuff. I just want it for internet stuff because I don't want to pay for internet service on my phone. It doesn't seem worth the money to me. I especially don't understand why people race to get these new gadgets as soon as they're available. I don't think it makes any sense to buy something new like that until it's been out at least a year so the manufacturers can iron out any wrinkles. Not to mention the price will go down after it's been on the market a little. Maybe my age is showing.

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