February 01, 2008


What made me decide coming into work was worth it with six inches of snow on the ground and a steady build up of more? I really don't know. The problem is I only live a few minutes from work so I figure nothing is ever that big of a deal. I didn't even have the excuse of getting up to get my daughter to school because all the schools closed down because of the weather. And even though I only live a short distance away, it was not easy getting in. I had to drive really slow and concentrate pretty seriously on not losing control of the car because snow removal in Indiana sucks big donkey dick. I've never lived anyplace that gets the amount of snow this place gets where snow removal is so pathetic. I went to high school in Utah and those people know how to get it up off the streets. They use snow cats. But every year it's the same thing. The local governments always act like they're surpised at the amount of snow and then are left scrambling to try and keep pace. I'm sure part of it is that they don't have a large enough force to deal with the volume, but that's idiotic, too. It fucking snows in Indiana and it gets fucking cold, that means make sure you've got the resources to take care of business. It seems pretty straight-forward and logical to me, but that's probably why I'm not a politician. I've got too much common sense.

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