February 04, 2008

Another random IM conversation with my brother

Bro: whats up!

Me: not much

what's up with you

nothing much

did you watch the superbowl?

I didn't, but I know the Giants wons
won, which makes me secretly happy because ever since Tom Brady knocked up Bridget Moynihan and dumped her, I don't think he deserves to have good things happen to him

I'm very glad that the giants won
I think its awesome that Tom Brady got beat by a manning two years in a row
he hates that family

I know
he's probably got Manning voodoo dolls

I think that girl he dumped should really try to date payton Manning
and Payton should be a total father figure to the child
and the kid should like call Payton Manning Dad
in front of Tom Brady

Well, I think Payton manning is married, so she can't date him


but it would be funny if Payton became like the father figure

ok there is always Eli

if he were like, I'm going to take the little guy under my wing

yeah totally
like an adoptive father

and then tom brady's son would be be like, you're not my father

and Sportscenter did a whole piece on them

papa payton is my real father

on national tv
he's be like Payton is like my dad I love him!

he's the one who taught me how to throw a football, not you
you were too busy screwing super models
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you


And then his son could go around wearing a Colts jersey all the time

and had his name legally changed to Manning

and then his son would be like, I want my daddy to be a winner, not a loser

ha ha ha
How awesome would that be!!!

Super awesome, not to mention incredibly poetic

You are right Payton is married
to a girl named Ashley

Plus, since that Gisele chick or whatever didn't even want his son to be born on his due date because it was the same day as her birthday

I don't know about that
whats that all about?

Which is completely stupid because it's like his son is going to be in his life for the rest of his life, how long do you think you're going to be in his life
yeah, because if the baby came on his due date, then Tom Brady would have to be at the hospital and not with her or something like that

did she say this in the press or something?

well, it was covered in the press around the time the baby was due to be born

how old is the baby
do you know?

like a month, a couple of months, something like that
maybe more like a few months
do a google search

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